Monday, 21 March 2011

..bIlA hAtIkU bErbIcArA...

when you think it just feel the life is very short.!!
it just felt that I'm still in primary school yesterday,playing with my friend,go to school together..suddenly all that just only memories and now I'm nearly graduating. the time keep going each years just like seconds when I remember all the years I've been through.. I felt like a dream, I even didn't realize how the 22 years before leaving me until now..yes, 22 years is a very long period. but, it just to fast when I think that I'm 23 already..
hehehe..still fresh in my memory that if I be given a chance to undo my past.. I wanna go 8 years before this. why? that is my secret..
I only want to say that, time is moving fast. leaving us without hesitate. just think again, another 20 years will coming and during that time, we just feel today as yesterday even though it was 20years before..
please friend.. don't wasting your time just like shit.. manage it well.. appreciate each seconds that we have..

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